Ffxiv assist macro

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As far as I know, there currently isn't a button mapping to assist-target directly via controller. However, the same can be accomplished via a macro, which can then be assigned to your cross hotbar:.

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Useful if you tend to re-order your party list to put, say, the main tank in a specific slot. You can change the number to any other slot, as well. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 11 months ago. Active 5 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 9k times. Eduardo Copat Eduardo Copat 1, 3 3 gold badges 16 16 silver badges 28 28 bronze badges.

ffxiv assist macro

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Why a macro? You can definitely set this directly in the options. BlueRaja-DannyPflughoeft If you know of a way to bind "assist target" to a controller button, then by all means, post an answer. Due to Square-Enix's horrible, horrible support, I don't have access to the game anymore despite paying for a subscriptionso I can't give specific instructions. But I know this can be bound without a macro because I've done it. It's under 'Targeting' in the keybind menu.

BlueRaja-DannyPflughoeft On a keyboard, yes, absolutely. But with a controller, that'd be news to me. Oh, I didn't realize the key-binding screens were different for the two. My mistake, then. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.

Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. The Overflow How many jobs can be done at home?These first two posts discuss marking targets and making a target assist macro. Read further down the thread for other macro.

FFXIV - Fully Automated (Basic Combat Macros)

I fail at picking a target out of a mass of visual effects with a mouse click. Usually it takes me way too long to get the right target, and sometimes I fall back on tab targeting and then it's only a matter of time until I wipe the party. Thanks Pnub and Hex for helping. Actually I think they were just trying to stop me from wiping them too. Focus Target. Unfortunately there's no command to "target focus' target". Assist a specific player.

One caution about assisting the tank: you might pick up a target he's just taunting, not the one the group is supposed to burn down. I had trouble getting this to work. Target a marked mob. Far faster and more reliable was when the tank marked targets 1, 2, 3, etc. Target marks did amazing things to improve the play of the whole group especially pug members assigned by the duty findertoo, since anyone can just click the big number over the mob's head to target it.

Macro optional! Change the number in the above command to target 2, 3, etc. Worked great -- very fast and reliable. Made CC for the pug actually work somewhat. I haven't played a healer yet, but I did have Cure as a borrowed action on my archer and whipped it out a lot for backup healing.

So let me share a couple simple healing macros. Hopefully the real healers will share more with us. For soloing, backup healing in Fates.

This will heal the target of the monster you have targeting. It's great in Fates where no one is really tanking. When soloing it heals you!This led me to tinkering around with user macros, a very useful tool for automating all sorts of things in the game and making things a tiny bit friendlier to my user experience.

There are lots of quality of life improvements that macros can help you with, and yes, even some limited benefits when it comes to combat. No need to rewrite all your macros when you start a new character. You can have macros in each tab.

The right-hand side of the user macros window is where the selected macro is displayed. You can click on that to select from a number of preset icons. The body of the macro gives you 15 lines. Remember you can drag and drop macros from the user macros window onto your hotbar so you can activate them just like other actions. There are a number of default macro icons in the user macros interface that you can view and choose from easily.

With a macro selected in the user macros window, click on the grey box to the left of the name of the macro, and select from several pages of default icons. These cover a variety of generic symbols but also some game-related ones as well. You can even use icons for pet commands, items, waymarks, emotes, and tons more.

Skills for combat, crafting, and gathering jobs do not need a category tag after the skill name, since it assumes the [action] category by default. Note that you will need quotations for icons that have more than one word. Names that are merely hyphenated do not require quotations.

Unfortunately not all items in a category seem to work. Traits, squadron commands, and system menu icons were all things I tried and failed to use as macro icons. If a macro performs an action that was unsuccessful, like trying to resurrect a living party member, shield your target with no target set, or use a skill without the resources to do so, you will receive an error message in chat.

These can be annoying, and if many can go off, can flood the chat window. Most macros I use include one of the following lines to prevent this:. Wait commands can only wait in whole second intervals. So, you cannot wait 2. You can put these either on their own line or at the end of another line. They should be functionally identical. Crafting macros use these a lot since you have to wait for the animation to play before using the next skill.

They can quickly be activated with the press of a button. Be careful not to spam these sorts of macros, though. Macros are extremely commonly used in PUGs pick-up groups in the party finder for savage fights. These duties are more complicated than casual content and have a lot of moving parts.A Macro is a shortcut to execute a sequence of one to six commands, each of which can be used to activate a Job Abilitystart casting a spell, issue a pet command, change an item of equipment, put text to a chat channel, or perform some other action.

A macro interrupted during its execution will not complete the command on which the interruption occurred, nor execute the remaining commands in the sequence. Users are given 20 Books with 10 macro palettes each.

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Each palette consists of 2 rows of 10 macros each. Every Content ID character has its own, unique set of macro palettes, which are not shared with other characters on the same account. Macros are stored on the game client, not the PlayOnline server; users playing with the same account on multiple clients for example, another PC, PS2, or XBOX will not have access to the macros written on another machine. However, macros can be manually stored and loaded from the PlayOnline servers.

It is possible to store configuration data macros, configuration settings, and map markers on PlayOnline servers, in addition to your game machine's own hard disk drive. You can store the configuration data for one character's worth of data on the PlayOnline servers. It is highly recommended that you save to the server, in case something happens to your hard drive.

If your game file data disappears it would be a pain to redo all the macros. Selecting "Yes" will overwrite the character settings file stored on the server. Selecting "Yes" will overwrite the currently selected character's information with the character information currently stored on the server. Confirm deletion to restore default settings for the currently highlighted character.

PC client users can back up macro files while not logged on to the character. The location for files containing the macros for PC clients is at. PlayStation 2 users can use PlayOnline storage in their PlayStation 2 browser to store up to 4 sets of 20 book macros each Slot A, Slot B, Slot C, Slot Deach slot is marked with the name of the character, date the macro set was saved to storage, and the time it was saved to storage.

They can be switched at the character selection screen when logging on. Macros are stored on the PlayStation 2 and can not be loaded from another console. Each macro starts with a command to determine what type of command you will issue.

The most common are:. When programming your macros, be sure to always include proper spelling, punctuation, and targets.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

This tool is no longer being developed. It has been replaced by Bard Music Playerthe sequel with much more functionality and stability for playing back Midi files in exchange for dropping Text file arrangement support.

The project will still exist in an archived form here, but support will no longer be given. I cannot guarantee the functionality of this program across major game patches. Though, AHK is a pretty simple language. Feel free to fork this. This is an utility to play 3 octave arrangements from text files and midi files using the Autohotkey language. Make a folder to contain BardMacroPlayer. You should put midi. The program should be self-explanatory enough. You can hide the program while in-game by pressing the Insert key default.

To apply the octave offset, reload the file with the stop button after adjusting the slider. Midi files is an experimental feature. It should be able to pick out suitable tracks to play and perform them without problems. However, there might be some issues due to the complexity of the midi file format. In such case, please open an issue and attach the midi file with problems. The program scans and lists midi tracks available to play, as indicated by a number next to the filename.

Tracks are what usually separates left to right hand as well as different instruments.

ffxiv assist macro

If it lists many tracks, be aware that the midi file may be complex to play. As mentioned above, the octave slider is used to load midi tracks with an offset.

ffxiv assist macro

If you don't know what offset you should have, just try with all the steps, or analyze which keys are being played by a midi player such as MidiPiano. These are simple text files designed to be easily edited in notepad. Each pause and newline has a default duration of milliseconds. Notes and pauses should be separated by one space. You can set some settings specific to each arrangement by writing them as individual lines anywhere in the file.

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Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Macros and commands! Macros and commands! Hello everyone, I have been asked to post this here a few times on the beta forums from phase 3, so here it is! I may add pictures haha. Macros now dont need to be re-applied to your hotbar in order to update them. Marking targets repeatedly will now mark, unmark, mark, unmark, etc which i find needs a better system, because before, it didnt unmark targets which allowed a marking command in your macro, which allowed you to mark something that youre fighting so that your party can attack it together with you.

Just my 2 cents. You can use this, say, as a notice to tell you that all your buffs are up by putting it on the end of a buffing macro.

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Some times, especially at higher level dungeons, etc. This can be used to tell people to move from a boss aoe that may wipe the party, or to attack adds if people did not see them spawn, or even wake up someone who fell asleep at the keyboard! These are just the basics and will get into it more down further into the guide!

You dont need to use quotation if the skill name is one word, but you have to make sure it is spelled correctly with proper capitalization, if you use "bloodbath" instead of "Bloodbath" then the skill will not work. I would suggest having a separate "Dungeon" hotbar over a normal "solo" hotbar See "6 Targeting, Assisting, and Marking".

I had made a forum post back in phase 3 asking for this and im surpised they even made something like this, whether they seen my post or not XD. So now you can heal players without actually targeting them in your party.


At level 30, on say Marauder, you have about 3 or so buff, and have 5 additional actions which are action commands that you can use off another different jobs that you have leveled. If you read what your abilities do, inside the action window, near the bottom it will say what jobs can use that skill. So if you have many jobs leveled you can have 5 buffs from additional actions ontop of the 3 you have and that can eat up your hotbar, especially on ps3. I put these at the end of my buff macros to let me know when i can start to attack because if you press an action command during the buffing phase, it will cancel your buffing macro.

You can waste like 4 seconds off a Raging Strikes or Berserk if those were at the start of your buff macro. Lastly, i would put your best offensive buffs, at the end of the buff macro to maximize their duration. I Suggest you leave at least 1 buff, the main buff you would wanna use such as berserk, on your hot bar, since there isnt a way to make the macro display the picture of a buff you have so that it shows its cooldown picture.

If the enemy is not in range of your melee AoE, then you will use your range attack, which is Tomahawk then use your melee AoE which is Overpower as soon as theyre in range.This website uses cookies.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of I haven't been able to figure this one out. Would like to understand how this command works so I can macro it for party play. Anyone have any insights they can share? Think you macro it then click tank hit the macro and it will then switch to his target when you set up the macro correctly. I might be wrong though. I literally just read a topic where someone mentioned not wanting to play with people who didn't know how to "use assist" properly, and came to this forum to ask what that is as well.

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Well, according to the old Lodestone's list of text commands I believe V2 also allows you to put in a name. Assisting is a good party mechanic. I dare you to say that 5 times fast. The game also has things that tanks can do, such as putting big numbers or targets over their targets head just to make it clear to people.

You can select your tank from party list OR if he is holding aggro i guess you could target anything that is attacking the tank and press assist or T twice As Sturok said, if you are on PC all you have to do is click on your tank and hit T to switch to their target. Just stick it on your action bar by hitting Square on the macro in the macro list, then "Set to Hotbar". After that all you have to do is target your tank remember, up and down on the D-pad targets your party members and hit your macro to change to his target.

I'm on PS3. Thanks a lot! The party command for targeting is just the.

ffxiv assist macro

You may rearrange your party list using the party menu. Also, it can help to mark a target as well. You can combo these together as well to mark the tank's attack target as attack 1 and everyone in the party can see. Hope this helps! Mouse and Keyboard users can just press the T key.